I promised those that voted for me that I would put families first while working in Lansing. During my first term and beginning my second term, I was able to pass an unprecedented 15 Public Acts and 6 Resolutions. Below is a list of legislative accomplishments my first term.

Peter J. Lucido

HR 0029 of 2015   A resolution to ensure replacement aircraft are assigned to Selfridge Air National Guard Base to compensate for the proposed elimination of the A-10 fleet.
HB 4136 of 2015 PA 391 of 2016 Civics Test
HB 4436 of 2015 PA 117 of 2016 DLAD Reform
HB 4459 of 2015 PA 4 of 2016 Emergency Contact on Drivers Licenses
HB 4460 of 2015 PA 5 of 2016 Emergency Contact on State ID's
HB 4505 of 2015 PA 154 of 2015 Raise Evidence Standard for Civil Asset Forfeiture
HB 4629 of 2015  PA 418 of 2016 Eliminate Cash Bond Requirement to Contest Civil Asset Forfeiture
HB 4793 of 2015 PA 113 of 2016 Keep Unsuccessful Petitions for Involuntary Commitment Private
HB 5024 of 2015 PA 350 of 2016 THC Commission
HR 0292 of 2016   A resolution to declare May 2016 as Stroke Awareness Month in the state of Michigan.
HB 5496 of 2016 PA 300 of 2016 MCOLES Update
HB 5695 of 2016 PA 366 of 2016 Zero Tolerance Reform
HR 0030 of 2017   Resolution to urge the US Air Force to station Lightning II at SANG
HR 0082 of 2017   Resolution to declare May 2017 as Stroke Awareness Month in the state of Michigan
HR 0124 of 2017   Resolution to declare July 2017 as Michigan Music Month in the state of Michigan
HR 0132 of 2017   Resolution to declare June 2017 as Elder Abuse Awareness Month in the state of Michigan
HB 4013 of 2017 PA 59 of 2017 Allow for paperless proof of registration
HB 4209 of 2017 PA 51 of 2017 Increase juror compensation
HB 4210 of 2017 PA 52 of 2017 Enable an increase in juror compensation
HB 4211 of 2017 PA 53 of 2017 Allow expert witness testimony in human traffic cases
HB 4213 of 2017 PA 89 of 2017 Amends MIP law to clarify that an intial breath test cannot be administered without consent of minor or court order. Allows for law enforcement officer to request court order.

Hello and welcome, my name is Peter J. Lucido. Thank you for visiting my website dedicated to the residents of the Townships of Shelby, Washington, Bruce, and the Village of Romeo. As your State Representative, I look forward to humbly serve the residents of the 36th District in Lansing.

I serve on the following committees in Lansing:

  • Law and Justice - Vice Chair
  • Tax Policy
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Financial Liability
  • Appointed second term on the Michigan Law Revision Commission
  • Appointed to the National Conference of State Legislature's Law, Criminal Justice, and Public Safety Committee
  • Appointed to the Council of State Governments' Midwest Legislative Conference Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee

I have spent some time studying other legislator's websites and have compiled a list of what I believe will be useful tools and information. I will continually add valuable content such as newsletters, publications, announcements, and useful links to this website.

This website will include information that relates to Lansing, Macomb County, and the 36th District. I have also included resource links that focus on families which includes our senior citizens and veterans. In addition, there are several contact forms that will make it easier to communicate directly with me.

Thank you again for visiting my website and I look forward to humbly and proudly serving you as your State Representative.


Peter J. Lucido


March, 2017
3/27/17 The Daily Reporter House looks at end to DST
3/26/17 Crain's Detroit Business Year round DST?
3/26/17 Channel 4 Flashpoint (video) Need for Day Light Saving Time with Devin Scillian
3/24/17 Len Connect (audio) Doug Spade and Mike Clement: Time passages - just keep clocks ahead?
3/24/17 Huron Daily Tribune Michigan lawmaker looking a DST bill
3/22/17 WHTC 1450 AM State House Committee holds hearing DST
3/22/17 Win 98.5 State House Committee holds hearing on DST
3/21/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido joined by time change expert for committee hearing
3/21/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido audio on committee hearing on year round DST
3/21/17 Fox 47 News Should DST end in MI? House to debate bill
3/21/17 MLive Survey says: More Michiganders want an end to DST
3/21/17 WLNS 6 State lawmaker pitches permanent DST
3/21/17 WILX 10 (video) State house committee will hear testimony on bill to end DST
3/21/17 Detroit ABC (video) Should MI end DST? Lawmakers discuss legislation
3/21/17 Fox 47 (video) DST may be permanent
3/2117 MLive (video) Stay in DST and move Michigan to ATZ, Rep argues
3/21/17 Fox 2 News Michigan lawmaker pushes for state to ditch DST
3/21/17 Detroit News Plan to stop Michigan clock shifts gets panel hearing
3/21/17 Wood TV NBC 8 (video) Bill would ditch DST
3/21/17 Free Press Stay on DST?
3/21/17 WXYZ Should DST end in Michigan? House to debate bill
3/20/17 Detroit News Rep. Lucido comments on undercover cops and state law
03/17/17 Macomb Daily Rep. Lucido sponsors legislation for child abuse offender list
04/16/17 Channel 4 Detroit No more DST? Michigan Rep. wants to end it.
03/16/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido announces hearing on time change legislation
03/16/17 Detroit News Rep. Lucido wants to raise pay for jurors.
03/15/17 Channel 7 Bill would allow Michigan drivers to use smart phones to show proof of insurance
03/14/17 Michigan House House approves Rep. Lucido's electronic registration bill
03/14/17 Fox 17 Bill would allow police to electronically view registrations
03/12/17 Fox and Friends (video) Set it and Forget it - Fox and Friends National News
03/12/17 Fox 2 Let It Rip (video) Should gov. require businesses to prove equal pay?
03/11/17 MLive Spring those clocks ahead an hour this weekend for Daylight Saving Time
03/11/17 WSJM News Talk Bill seeks to eliminate daylight savings time in Michigan
03/09/17 Free Press Lawmaker: Let's switch to DST and never go back
03/08/17 YouTube (video) Rep. Lucido talks about Daylight Saving Time
03/07/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido sponsors resolution to secure Selfridge as defense industry leader
03/06/17 Mitt TV (video) Greater Romeo Washington Chamber of Commerce with Rep. Lucido
03/06/17 Michigan's Big Show (audio) Peter Lucido discusses Polar Plunge and President Trump
03/03/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido celebrates March is Reading Month by reading to local students
03/03/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido takes polar plunge for Special Olympics
03/04/17 Macomb Daily Enthusiastic Trump supporters rally at Freedom Hill
03/04/17 Channel 7 (video) March for Trump event attracts supports to Freedom Hill
03/03/17 Capital News Service Bill would level playing field in human trafficking
03/02/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido's electronic registration approved by committee

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"Putting Families First for the 36th District, Macomb County, and the State of Michigan."


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