Dear Neighbors:

Over a year ago my wife, Ann Marie, and I said good bye to our oldest daughter as she left Macomb County and the State of Michigan to complete her college degree and seek employment. At that moment I knew that the sinking feeling I felt in my stomach was an emotion that I did not want to experience again or have any of my neighbors feel. I quickly learned at that time that Michigan had one of the highest rates of young adults and unemployed adults who were leaving the state for greener pastures. I could feel sorry for myself and other families or I could try to make a positive difference.

For the past year my family and I have been on a very unique journey. We have been very humbled by the hundreds who have stood by our side throughout this campaign. Although I said this again and again on Election Night, I feel it deserves repeating: WE DID IT! Thanks to my family, all the volunteers who gave of their time and effort, and especially the voters of Shelby, Washington and Bruce Townships and the Village of Romeo, I will have the honor of representing YOU in the Michigan House of Representatives. 

Thank you to all those contributed in my campaign. Whether you donated money, handed out literature, made phone calls, or shared a social media post, my family and I send you our sincerest thanks. To my own family, who has been by my side throughout this roller coaster ride, I want to let you know that together we accomplished something great, and in the next two years we will accomplish even more great things for the 36th District. 

I would also like to thank my opponent, Robert Murphy, for running a very clean and issue-based campaign. Mr. Murphy addressed many issues that concern all citizens regardless of party affiliation. Our question-and-answer session was a positive demonstration of what all campaigns should include.

Now the hard work begins. I plan on continuing to meet individuals and groups to listen to their concerns. I will be reaching out to sitting legislators regarding important issues that are currently impacting our community. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing new contact information for my office in Lansing as well as contact information for me when I am in the district. 

On Election Night, I was at peace not because of the victory, but because my family was together. I want to provide opportunities for all families to stay together. I understand some happily exercise their options out of state but I would hope they have equal opportunities right here in Michigan. 

In Italian, Lucido means “to shine in relation to the sun.” I want to reassure all of you that I will be a tireless representative to bring a ray of hope for a brighter tomorrow for what matters most: putting families first. 


Peter J. Lucido


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