March, 2018
3/10/18 MLive Don't forget to spring ahead when daylight saving time starts Sunday
3/10/18 Cadillac News Michiganders set clocks for daylight saving, as Florida votes to make the change permanent
3/8/18 Fox 2 Detroit Daylight saving is this weekend, whatever happened to abolishing it in Michigan?
3/8/18 Michigan House Lucido votes to protect underage sex crime victims in schools
3/8/18 Michigan House Rep. Lucido, Michigan House OK plan to more efficiently care for direly ill inmates
3/7/18 WZZM Verify: Is Daylight Saving Time useful?
3/6/18 Macomb Daily State Rep. Lucido will play host to tele-town hall
3/6/18 Wopular State Rep. Lucido will play host to tele-town hall
3/6/18 Michigan House Rep. Lucido to host tele-town hall meeting
3/5/18 Michigan House Rep. Lucido participates in charity Polar Plunge
3/1/18 Michigan House State Representative Peter Lucido Invite to Salute to Seniors and Veterans
February, 2018
2/28/18 CBS Detroit Michigan Senate Quashes Marijuana Transport Bill For Now
2/28/18 US News & World Report Michigan Senate Quashes Marijuana Transport Bill for Now
2/28/18 Huron Daily Tribune State lawmakers considering forfeiture reform
2/27/18 Insurance Business Michigan lawmakers propose radical solution to skyrocketing auto coverage costs
2/23/18 Detroit Free Press Michigan lawmakers: Get rid of mandatory auto insurance
2/22/18 Michigan House House, Senate approve Lucido bills to protect falsely accused
2/22/18 Michigan House Lucido introduces new plan to reform state's auto insurance system
2/21/18 Port Huron Times Herald Forfeiture law needs reforms
2/21/18 Interlochen Bills would keep sexual assault assailants away from victims on school grounds
2/20/18 Michigan Radio Bills would let schools keep sexual predators out
2/20/18 WZZM Don't let rapists return to school, victims tell Mich. lawmakers
2/17/18 WWMT-TV Michigan lawmaker tackles Civil Asset Forfeiture laws
2/15/18 Detroit News Column: Law enforcement calls for forfeiture reform
2/14/18 Michigan House Rep. Lucido to host Utica Community Schools Legislative town hall
2/14/18 Michigan House Rep. Lucido honors intern with tribute on House floor
2/11/18 Traverse City Record Eagle
2/9/18 Michigan House House approves Rep. Lucido bill to improve safety of Michigan drivers
2/9/18 Michigan House
2/7/18 Michigan House
2/7/18 WWMU-FM
2/7/18 WEMU
2/6/18 Michigan House Lucido: Taking property from innocent people violates due process rights
2/4/18 Detroit News
2/4/18 WZZM Bottle deposits would expand to water, juice containers under bill introduced in Legislature
January, 2018
1/31/18 Steve Grubber Show
1/31/18 Pod bean State Rep. Peter J. Lucido, Protect innocents from property seizure
1/26/18 Spartan Newsroom
1/24/18 Michigan House
1/24/18 Michigan House
1/23/18 Michigan House
1/20/18 Spartan Newsroom Lawmakers eye making bullying a crime
1/19/18 WLNS Kubrick: State House and Senate square off over tax relief plans
1/19/18 Michigan House Rep. Lucido agrees with findings of House CARES report
1/19/18 Michigan House
1/18/18 Detroit Metro Times
December, 2018
12/19/17 Free Press Many lack resources to fight property seizures in drug cases
12/8/17 Michigan House
12/8/17 TV-6
12/7/18 WSYM-TV Bills crack down on cuber-bullying in Michigan
12/6/18 Michigan House Rep. Lucido, Macomb officials speak against bullying
12/6/17 WILX-TV
12/5/17 Ahmadabad Mirror
12/1/17 WDIV
November, 2017
11/30/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido supportive of legislation for public-private partnerships in Michigan
11/30/17 The Peninsula
11/29/17 Michigan House
11/28/17 The Peninsula
11/22/17 UpMatters Legislation increases security at fuel pumps
11/10/17 101.9 FM - WDET GOP State Representative Talks Front-Row Seat To Steve Bannon’s MI Speech
11/9/17 The Peninsula Rep. Lucido promotes greater powers for police investigating pawned goods
11/7/17 WLNS Skubick: Move is on to let concealed weapons in gun free zones
11/7/17 MI House Rep. Lucido testifies for bill establishing clarity in guidelines for pawned goods
11/5/17 Macomb Daily Shelby Township gets a head start on honoring veterans
11/2/17 MI House Rep. Lucido explains "no" vote on Michigan auto insurance bill
11/2/17 WJR Mitch Albom Rep Peter Lucido on his bill to train people on what to do if stopped by the police.
11/1/17 MI House Committee approves Rep. Lucido bills to improve safety of Michigan drivers
11/1/17 Free Press Bill would require drivers education curriculum on how to behave when pulled over.
October, 2017
10/31/17 MI House House committee approves Lucido bills to better protect children from abuse
10/24/17 MI House Rep. Lucido calls for updates for child abuse sentencing
10/20/17 The Peninsula House committee considers bill to charge per-gallon fee on Michigan water bottlers
10/20/17 CBC Radio MI Lawmaker wants to charge Nestle $20 million a year for water extraction
10/19/17 WoodTV Bill would up fee to bottle Michigan water
10/19/17 CBS Detroit Proposed bill would cost Nestle $20 million
10/19/17 NPR Bottle water bill would cost Nestle $20 million
10/19/17 CBS Detroit Lawmaker proposes tax on bottled water production in Michigan
10/18/17 MI House Senate approves Rep. Lucido’s bill protecting taxpayers from unwarranted property tax lawsuits
10/18/17 WLNS New bill would charge water companies a fee to take water from lakes
10/18/17 MI House State Rep. Peter Lucido with special guest from Shelby Township
10/17/18 MI House Rep. Lucido bills to protect falsely accused individuals approved by House committee
10/12/17 MI House Rep. Lucido co-sponsors legislation requiring balanced budget by July 1
10/10/17 Steve Gruber Show Lake St. Clair is an economic recreational plum mistreated
10/10/17 WJR Rep. Pete Lucido tells Guy Gordon about his bill that would allow guardians of disabled people to put tracking chips under their skin.
10/5/17 C&G News Town hall focuses on unresolved contamination of Lake St. Clair
10/5/17 MI House Rep. Lucido testifies on bill allowing parents to better protect their children
10/4/17 Free Press Oakland, Macomb water officials spar over Oakland's role in Lake St. Clair's woes
10/2/17 NPR Lake St. Clair quality issues frustrate Macomb County residents and local officials
10/2/17 CBS Detroit Officials believe two separate sewer systems needed to clean up Lake St. Clair
10/2/17 WXYZ Channel 4 What is causing pollution in Lake St. Clair
10/2/17 Macomb Daily Lake St. Clair health subject of town hall
September, 2017
9/30/17 Free Press Lucido sponsors water town hall for Lake St. Clair
9/27/17 MI House Rep. Lucido's electronic registration law effective Thursday
9/26/17 WZZM Bill makes cyberbullying a crime; targets ‘hateful venom' that leads to violence
9/26/17 MI House Rep. Lucido testifies on bill to create fundraising plates for civic organizations in Michigan
9/18/17 The Peninsula Rep. Lucido promotes bill that would create health care database
9/16/17 MI House Lucido's juror compensation law effective this week
9/15/17 WWMT New legislation targets FGM in Michigan
9/14/17 Channel 7 Minnesota mothers charged in metro Detroit female genital mutilation case
9/14/17 MI House House approves Rep. Lucido bill to end parental rights in FGM cases
9/13/17 Macomb Daily Macomb Hall of Fame inductees are making difference in their community and industry
9/8/17 Macomb Daily Memorial service remembers fallen first responders and military
9/3/17 Macomb Daily Lucido says times is now for vehicle sales tax on the difference relief
August, 2017
8/28/17 MI House Rep. Lucido says local schools in line for state funding increase
8/24/17 MI House Rep. Lucido bills demand auto insurance cost transparency and better auditor accountability
8/24/17 The Peninsula Rep. Lucido bills overturn gov. immunity of negligent emergency managers
8/24/17 MI House Rep. Lucido clarifies obstructed license plate legislation
8/24/17 MLive Michigan parents could eavesdrop on their kids under this bill
8/23/17 WWMT State lawmaker working to change law that prohibits parents from spying on children
8/22/17 WNEM State lawmaker wants to change law against parent eavesdropping
8/22/17 WILX-TV State lawmaker introduces bills to protect parents from eavesdropping charges
8/21/17 MI House Rep. Lucido bills protect taxpayers from paying for emergency manager negligence
8/20/17 Detroit Free Press Lawmaker wants protect parents against eavesdropping charges
8/10/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido - Help MI families offset school pay to play costs
8/9/17 WWMT (video) Lawmakers looking for ways to put the brakes on car insurance
8/9/17 WSJM Bill would create tax credit to cover school fees
8/8/7 WWMT (video) Undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses?
8/8/17 Michigan House (audio) Rep. Lucido on tax credits for school participation fees
8/4/17 Michigan House (audio) Rep. Lucido on FGM convictions and parental rights
8/3/17 WLNS (video) Battle of revamping no-fault insurance heats up again
8/2/17 Macomb Daily Legislation in place to make roads safer
July, 2017
7/27/17 Good Insurance New legislation allows drivers to use electronic registration
7/27/17 Michigan House (audio) Rep. Lucido on new law increasing juror pay
7/25/17 Michigan House Justice Viviano joins Rep. Lucido for juror pay bill signing
7/24/17 Michigan Radio (audio) Female genital mutilation now a felony in Michigan
7/21/17 WKAR (video) Off the Record Overtime - Rep. Lucido with Tim Skubick
7/14/17 MLive Police seizure without criminal charges
7/13/17 WXYZ Michigan must make suspended driver licenses a top priority
7/5/17 WLNS State fire Marshall fiddles while lawmakers burn over fireworks law
June, 2017
6/28/17 Michigan House (audio) Rep. Lucido on signing of legislation allowing for electronic vehicle registration
6/20/17 Fox 2 MI House bill would make English official state language
6/19/17 The Peninsula New laws will increase juror compensation, amend various MI rules
6/19/17 The Source Macomb County Bar Association awards Lucido
6/16/17 Oakland Press Pay hiked for jury duty
6/15/17 Michigan House Legislature unanimously approves Rep. Lucido electronic reg. bill.
6/15/17 TV 6 Governor signs legislation increasing compensation from jurors
6/14/17 EIN Pressware National parents organization urges lawmakers to move shared parenting forward
6/13/17 Michigan House (audio) Rep. Lucido speaks to committee on female mutilation bill
6/8/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido's electronic registration bill approved by Senate committee
6/7/17 C and G Condo conflicts
6/7/17 WLNS Bill calls to change adult prosecution from 17 to 18 in MI
6/6/17 Morning Sun What are we putting in our water - Lucido editorial
6/6/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido audio on juror compensation legislation passage
May, 2017
5/31/17 WXYZ State lawmakers considering bill to eliminate training, permit for CPL
5/31/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido demands DEQ take action to clean up Lake St. Clair
5/28/17 Macomb Daily St. Clair Shores Memorial Day Parade - Lucido mini parade
5/23/17 WWMT-TV Great Lakes budget cuts and pollution
5/23/17 WWMT-TV Waves of Worry: Enbridge Line 5 report
5/22/17 The Source Children invited to participate in summer reading contest
5/18/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido announces annual summer reading contest
5/17/17 WZZM13 Bill would forbid drivers using hand held smart phones
5/10/17 Reason.com Why is MI still forcing minors to take Unconstitutional breath test?
5/9/17 Michigan Daily New bill would require a warrant before the breath analysis of minors
5/5/17 MLive MI jurors could see compensation boost under bills
5/4/17 Detroit News MI House approves plan to boost juror pay 60%
April, 2017
4/25/17 Daily Tribune New distracted driving education and enforcement underway
4/25/17 Crain's Detroit State agrees to transfer tax credits to AK Steel
4/21/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido audio on minor in possession legislation
4/21/17 MLive Read the new bill to ban Sharia Law in MI Courts
4/19/17 The Hill Time for MI to finally end civic forfeiture
4/14/17 Capital News Service Michigan lawmakers who know enough about the law
4/12/17 The Source Rep. Lucido announces bid for state senate
4/2/17 Up Matters New bipartisan legislation on distracted driving
March, 2017
3/31/17 Capital News Service Care centers may see more regulations for reporting injuries
3/30/17 MI News 26 Bill would amend MI law concerning preliminary breath tests
3/30/17 WLNS State money cut talks heat up.
3/27/17 Bridge Year - round DST?
3/27/17 The Daily Reporter House looks at end to DST
3/26/17 Crain's Detroit Business Year round DST?
3/26/17 Channel 4 Flashpoint (video) Need for Day Light Saving Time with Devin Scillian
3/24/17 Len Connect (audio) Doug Spade and Mike Clement: Time passages - just keep clocks ahead?
3/24/17 Huron Daily Tribune Michigan lawmaker looking a DST bill
3/22/17 WHTC 1450 AM State House Committee holds hearing DST
3/22/17 Win 98.5 State House Committee holds hearing on DST
3/21/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido joined by time change expert for committee hearing
3/21/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido audio on committee hearing on year round DST
3/21/17 Fox 47 News Should DST end in MI? House to debate bill
3/21/17 MLive Survey says: More Michiganders want an end to DST
3/21/17 WLNS 6 State lawmaker pitches permanent DST
3/21/17 WILX 10 (video) State house committee will hear testimony on bill to end DST
3/21/17 Detroit ABC (video) Should MI end DST? Lawmakers discuss legislation
3/21/17 Fox 47 (video) DST may be permanent
3/2117 MLive (video) Stay in DST and move Michigan to ATZ, Rep argues
3/21/17 Fox 2 News Michigan lawmaker pushes for state to ditch DST
3/21/17 Detroit News Plan to stop Michigan clock shifts gets panel hearing
3/21/17 Wood TV NBC 8 (video) Bill would ditch DST
3/21/17 Free Press Stay on DST?
3/21/17 WXYZ Should DST end in Michigan? House to debate bill
3/20/17 Detroit News Rep. Lucido comments on undercover cops and state law
03/17/17 Macomb Daily Rep. Lucido sponsors legislation for child abuse offender list
04/16/17 Channel 4 Detroit No more DST? Michigan Rep. wants to end it.
03/16/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido announces hearing on time change legislation
03/16/17 Detroit News Rep. Lucido wants to raise pay for jurors.
03/15/17 Channel 7 Bill would allow Michigan drivers to use smart phones to show proof of insurance
03/14/17 Michigan House House approves Rep. Lucido's electronic registration bill
03/14/17 Fox 17 Bill would allow police to electronically view registrations
03/12/17 Fox and Friends (video) Set it and Forget it - Fox and Friends National News
03/12/17 Fox 2 Let It Rip (video) Should gov. require businesses to prove equal pay?
03/11/17 MLive Spring those clocks ahead an hour this weekend for Daylight Saving Time
03/11/17 WSJM News Talk Bill seeks to eliminate daylight savings time in Michigan
03/09/17 Free Press Lawmaker: Let's switch to DST and never go back
03/08/17 YouTube (video) Rep. Lucido talks about Daylight Saving Time
03/07/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido sponsors resolution to secure Selfridge as defense industry leader
03/06/17 Mitt TV (video) Greater Romeo Washington Chamber of Commerce with Rep. Lucido
03/06/17 Michigan's Big Show (audio) Peter Lucido discusses Polar Plunge and President Trump
03/03/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido celebrates March is Reading Month by reading to local students
03/03/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido takes polar plunge for Special Olympics
03/04/17 Macomb Daily Enthusiastic Trump supporters rally at Freedom Hill
03/04/17 Channel 7 (video) March for Trump event attracts supports to Freedom Hill
03/03/17 Capital News Service Bill would level playing field in human trafficking
03/02/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido's electronic registration approved by committee
February, 2017
02/27/17 Channel 7 (video) Citizens in Shelby Twp. speak out over potentially enormous sewer bills
02/23/17 Daily Tribune Officials lobby to eliminate judges' retirement age
02/23/17 Michigan House Three Macomb County judges join Rep. Lucido to support amendment
02/20/17 Michigan Radio Macomb warns about coming mental health cuts
02/17/17 Fox 2 News (video) Fund raiser planned for Henry Ford Macomb Hospital
02/17/17 The Source Proposed condo laws can level the playing field
02/16/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido testifies on bill which will allow electronic proof of car registration
02/15/17 WWMT Michigan House Republicans roll out plan for the next two years
02/14/17 Detroit News Editorial: More reform needed on property seizures
02/12/17 Macomb Daily Macomb County Jail incidents prompt lawmaker to call for jail ombudsmen
02/10/17 Michigan House (audio) Rep. Peter Lucido audio on tax credits for school activity fees
02/10/17 WDIV (video) State official wants investigation into Macomb County Jail after women gives birth in cell
02/10/17 Fox 2 - Let It Rip (video) Open carry in Dearborn
02/07/17 Herald Times Off the Record: DST: Let there be light
02/06/17 C and G News State vote to extend sinkhole state of emergency approved
02/02/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido bill seeks additional civil asset forfeiture reform
02/01/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido welcomes Romeo HS government students to Capitol
02/01/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido Great government should be transparent
02/01/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido welcomes Romeo HS government students to Capitol
January, 2017
01/30/17 The Source Shelby Twp. Rep. Lucido continues to flow legislation.
01/26/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido pleased to be vice chair of Law and Justice
01/25/17 C and G News Local Rep. has two bills signed into law - civil forfeiture, education
01/22/17 Fox 2 Let It Rip (video) Constitutional Carry and Inauguration
01/19/17 Steve Gruber (audio) Rep. Lucido on Constitutional Carry
01/18/17 Michigan House Former US Rep., Rep. Lucido call for more emphasis on sewer and water systems
01/17/17 Michigan House Former US Rep. Candice Miller joins Rep. Lucido for state speech
01/13/17 9 & 10 News New legislation introduced in Lansing could change gun policies in Michigan
01/13/17 Macomb Daily Celebrating Trump presidential inauguration, in Washington and in Michigan
01/12/17 Frank Beckmann WJR (audio) Pete Lucido on his bill to stay on Daylight Saving Time
01/12/17 MLive Bill would eliminate daylight saving time in Michigan (Spring forward, not fall back)
01/12/17 Law School Insider Using Your Law Degree to Change Laws and the Lives of Many!
01/12/17 Fox 2 Michigan House bill would end daylight saving, put entire state on eastern time
01/12/17 Michigan House (audio) Rep. Lucido talks about his new legislation that would keep Michigan on Standard Time
01/11/17 Mitch Albom WJR (audio) Rep. Peter Lucido is trying to do away with time change
01/11/17 Free Press Lawmaker proposes end to daylight saving time in Michigan (Spring forward, not fall back)
01/10/17 Michigan Radio (audio) Ignorance isn't strength: Civics bill passed into law
01/09/17 The Peninsula New law reforms civil asset forfeiture proceedings in Michigan
01/07/17 WWMT-TV (video) Snyder signs new bills that overhaul Michigan zero tolerance laws
01/07/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido schedules office hours for 36th District
01/06/17 Mackinac Center Mackinac Center, ACLU Applaud New Forfeiture Bill
01/06/17 Record Eagle New law eases forfeiture fights
01/05/17 WWMT-TV (video) Proposed legislation looks to close civil asset forfeiture loophole
01/05/17 Michigan House Rep. Lucido civil asset forfeiture reform bill signed into law
01/04/17 Upper Michigan Source Gov. Snyder signs legislation streamlining licensing for skilled trades workers
01/03/17 WJR (audio) Pete Lucido on High School Civics Bill and 2018 Agenda
01/03/17 The Peninsula Michigan high school students now must pass same civics test as citizenship seekers
December, 2016
12/30/16 Shelby Township Source Olympic success: Marathon runner recognized in Washington Township
12/28/16 The Source High school civics test legislation signed into law
12/24/16 Free Press Can civics move to front burner with new Michigan rules?
12/24/16 WWMT-TV (video) Some lawmakers upset over term limits as the end of the term ends
12/23/16 Michigan House Rep. Lucido presents tribute to US Olympian from Macomb County
12/23/16 Upper Michigan Source Gov. Snyder signs legislation for flexibility on 'zero tolerance' policy
12/23/16 Michigan House Rep. Lucido completes 2015-16 term with perfect attendance
12/22/16 WWMT-TV (video) Lawmakers look to crack down on uninsured drivers
12/16/16 Michigan House Rep. Lucido's civics test legislation approved in Senate
12/16/16 Mackinac Center Michigan chips away at unjust forfeiture process
12/15/16 Michigan House Reform of civil asset forfeiture continues with Rep. Lucido bill
12/15/16 WXYZ (video) Michigan House passes energy bill critics say could impact school budgets
12/13/16 WJR (audio) Rep. Peter Lucido on justice and energy reform
12/8/16 Michigan House Rep. Lucido meets with Pearl Harbor Survivor
12/5/16 WXYZ (video) First responders plan to protest bills that cut retirement benefits
12/2/16 Michigan House Rep. Lucido responds to retirement plan legislation
12/216 WWMT (video) Lawmakers look at public employee benefits
November, 2016
11/29/16 WWMT-TV (video) Possible public employee pension review has some concerned.
11/29/16 WWMT-TV (video) Lawmakers honor fallen colleague
11/14/16 WJR (audio) Rep. Lucido on the GOP benefiting from straight party voting
11/6/16 Fox 2 - Let It Rip (video) Election Day Preview and Regional Transit Authority
11/14/16 Fox 2 (video) Leaders still split on RTA Proposal
October, 2016
10/26/16 C and G Local state representative Peter Lucido rolls out RTA opt-out language
10/20/16 The Source Lucido seeks second term for 36th district in state house
10/18/16 WJR (audio) Rep. Lucido talks about the Regional Transit Authority
10/12/16 The Peninsula Bill introduced to allow local governments to opt out of RTA Act
September, 2016
9/22/16 Michigan House (video) Representative Peter Lucido Reps for a Day Contest Winners
9/22/16 Michigan House Rep. Lucido welcomes 'Rep. for a Day' contest winner to the Capitol
9/21/16 WWMT (video) Michigan lawmaker goes after uninsured drivers
9/14/16 Macomb Daily Hall of Fame inductees make Macomb County a great place to live
9/14/16 WJR - Frank Beckmann (audio) Peter Lucido on his civil asset forfeiture legislation
9/14/16 Michigan Capitol Confidential Michigan forfeiture laws allow assets to be turned over without conviction
9/10/16 WBRW (video) Lucido, YOUR Lansing Legislator - Episode 21
9/9/16 WWMT (video) State lawmakers look to find ways to save money spent housing prisoners
9/8/16 Fox 2 - Let It Rip (video) Trump's Detroit visit, Colin Kaepernick's demonstration
9/8/16 WBRW TV (video) Lucido YOUR Lansing Legislator - Episode 21
August, 2016
8/26/16 MittTV (video) Learn about K-9 Pete named after Legislator Peter Lucido
8/23/16 Detroit News Court puts limits on police stealing - editorial
8/22/16 WWMT Court decision supports NFIB civil forfeiture reforms
8/22/16 Mackinaw Center Key part of civil asset forfeiture law ruled unconstitutional
8/19/16 94.9 WSJM Day care transparency legislation being drafted
8/10/16 WJR (radio) Peter Lucido, State Rep. on Reforming Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws
8/6/16 Macomb Daily Lawmaker: Court ruling shows need to reform MI forfeiture law
8/4/16 WWMT - West MI (video) Civil Asset Forfeiture laws struck down by Michigan Court of Appeals
8/4/16 NFIB Court Decision Supports NFIB Civil Forfeiture Reforms
July, 2016
7/30/16 Source Newspapers On the Calendar: Chat with state Rep. Peter Lucido
7/26/16 Times Herald Michigan schools need to teach suicide prevention
7/16/16 Source Newspapers On the Calendar: Chat with state Rep. Peter Lucido
7/1/16 Macomb Daily Funding approved to connect 33 Mile Road to M-53 expressway in Bruce Township
June, 2016
6/29/16 Michigan House Brandenburg and Lucido announces funding for project connecting M-53 and 33 Mile Road
6/29/16 Michigan House Rep. Lucido announces summer reading contest
6/22/16 Michigan House Rep. Lucido to host in-district hours throughout summer months
6/3/16 Source Newspapers Lucido hosts Salute to Seniors and Veterans
6/2/16 WLNS House Republican members take on DPS bailout without Dems backing
May, 2016
5/31/16 Michigan House Rep. Lucido's civics test bill clears House
5/15/16 Time Harold Legislation to study medical marijuana for drivers
5/10/16 WLNS How high is too high before getting behind the wheel?
5/10/16 9 & 10 News Snyder Signs Traffic Control Device Bill, Five Other Bills
5/9/16 WTV Lawmaker urging further reforms to Michigan's Civil Forfeiture Laws
5/5/16 M-Life Marijuana debate goes mobile as 'magic number' for driving while stoned sought
5/4/16 M-Live Forfeiture laws changed for the good, but Michigan can do better
April, 2016
4/29/16 Channel 4 Detroit Bill would require Michigan high schoolers to pass civics test to graduate
4/28/16 Michigan House Lucido bill requiring high school students pass civics test clears House panel
4/27/16 Michigan House Rep. Peter Lucido, audio on Juvenile Justice Reform
4/26/16 Fox News Lawmakers vote to study marijuana limit for drivers
4/22/16 Michigan House Rep. Lucido invites residents to Seniors and Veterans Benefit Expo
4/7/16 Michigan House Rep. Lucido pays tribute to families of late community leaders
4/5/16 The Source Newspaper Rep. Lucido welcomes Shelby Township students to Capitol
4/1/16 The Source Newspaper State Rep presents tribute to Messina Family
March, 2016
3/31/16 Michigan House Rep. Lucido welcomes Romeo AP Gov. students to Capitol
3/24/16 The Source Newspaper Florence Cement Company celebrates 50th year
3/24/16 Fox 2 News No- Fault conspiracy theory debated
3/16/16 C and G State Rep Honors Retiring Battalion Chiefs
3/13/16 Patch Time to End Daylight Saving Time?
3/13/16 Fox 2 - Let It Rip Rep. Lucido discussed uninsured drivers and Detroit Public Schools
3/12/16 WIN Radio Michigan Springs Ahead
3/3/16 Michigan House Rep. Lucido takes the plunge
February, 2016
2/25/16 WJR - Frank Beckmann Rep. Lucido discusses bill to lower insurance rates. (link coming soon)
2/24/16 Michigan Radio Bill would require confidentiality for rejected involuntary hospital petitions
2/19/16 Michigan House House bill cuts bond requirement to fight for seized property
2/19/16 Channel 4 Detroit New proposal could reduce auto insurance premiums statewide
2/17/16 C & G Newspaper Emergency contact option coming to state-issued IDs
2/16/16 Michigan House Rep. Peter Lucido audio on juvenile justice reform
2/7/16 Michigan Radio Some advocates leery of Michigan's domestic abuse gun laws
2/6/16 Macomb Daily Emergency contact information law signed by governor
2/6/16 Detroit News Advocates leery of Michigan's domestic abuse gun laws
2/5/16 Advisor and Source Emergency contact information law signed by governor
2/316 WIN 98.5 Bill signed allowing emergency contact information to be embedded into driver's licenses, ID cards
2/2/16 Michigan House Lucido emergency contact legislation signed into law
January, 2016
1/27/16 Michigan House Rep. Lucido announces 2016 in-district office hours.
1/21/16 Washington Post The case for looking to the states, not the federal government, to protect your privacy
1/21/16 Sun Herald The case for looking to the states, not the federal government, to protect your privacy
1/20/16 Michigan House Rep. Lucido applauds governor for focus on Flint, DPS in tonight's address
1/20/16 Michigan House Rep. Peter Lucido, R-Shelby Twp.; audio on House passage of emergency contact legislation
1/25/16 National Journal Privacy advocates shift fight to the states
1/20/16 Michigan House Rep. Lucido welcomes special gusts to governor's address
1/20/16 Christian Science State lawmakers make coordinated push for robust privacy safeguards
1/20/16 SC Magazine States introduce flurry of privacy legislation, filled void left by Congress
1/16/16 Free Press Fix to election law bill introduced in Lansing
December, 2015
12/24/15 Free Press Michigan should do away with the straight-ticket option
12/20/15 Free Press Teacher training is focus of new bills in Lansing
12/9/15 Realty Biz Realtors strengthen political ties in Macomb County over breakfast
12/8/15 Detroit News Cost concerns may slow juvenile justice reforms
12/7/15 Detroit News Editorial: Raise juvenile age in Michigan
12/5/15 Free Press Election law front and center in newly introduced bills
12/4/15 Michigan Radio House bill would make citizenship test a high school graduation requirement
12/1/15 Detroit News Juvenile cutoff in court may rise to 18
November, 2015
11/18/15 Macomb News La Dolce Vita hosts dinner for homeless Monday
11/11/15 C and G News Public invited to identity theft prevention forums
11/5/15 Free Press How legislators voted on the two main road funding bills
11/4/15 Ionia Sentinel How Michigan lawmakers voted on fuel tax, vehicle free hikes
11/3/15 WNDU Daylight saving time under fie in new Michigan bill
11/2/15 WSBT Michigan lawmakers want to keep clocks the same all year round
October, 2015
10/30/15 Michigan House Rep. Lucido reminds residents to attend his November town hall meetings
10/30/15 MLive Daylight savings time has no rational basis Michigan legislator says
10/30/15 Michigan Radio Thank me when you get that extra hour of sleep in the spring
10/29/15 Allembru Rep. Peter Lucido speaking on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives
10/27/15 Michigan House Rep. Peter Lucido, audio on Daylight Saving Time legislation
10/23/15 C and G News House passes roads bill out of the blue
10/23/15 WNEM Some lawmakers looking to end daylight saving time
10/23/15 Michigan Capitol Confidential Spring forward, fall back? Bills would end daylight saving in Michigan
10/22/15 Lansing State Journal Snyder signs forfeiture reform laws
10/21/15 Huffington Post Michigan just made it harder for police to take people's property without charging them
10/21/15 MLive Snyder signs Michigan civil asset forfeiture laws requiring more transparency, evidence
10/21/15 Free Press Snyder signs forfeiture reform laws
10/20/15 Detroit News Update young offender sentencing
10/14/15 Michigan House Rep. Lucido hosting identity theft experts at November town hall meetings
10/14/15 Mackinac Center Forfeiture: What Next?
10/11/15 Lansing State Journal Major reforms afoot for juvenile offenders
10/11/15 Macomb Daily Township considers sky lantern ban
10/11/15 Free Press Major reforms afoot for juvenile offenders
10/9/15 Free Press Bills proposed in Lansing would raise age from 17 to 18 for when a juvenile is considered an adult.
10/8/15 Michigan House Three Macomb County judges join Rep. Lucido for testimony in House Judiciary Committee
September, 2015
9/30/115 Advisor and Source Lucido welcomes 'Rep. for a Day' contest winner to the Capitol
9/28/15 Michigan State News Recognizing Detroit College of Law Alumni: Lucido leads the way
9/25/15 C and G News C and G Newspaper founders inducted into Macomb Hall of Fame
9/22/15 Michigan House Rep. Lucido announces fall office hours.
9/9/15 C and G News State lawmakers sign $100k grant petition to aid funding barrier-free park
August, 2015
8/19/15 Detroit News Road funding bill on hold until September
8/18/15 Detroit News Lucido fights gas tax to fix the roads.
July, 2015
7/24/15 Voice News Yard waste facility proposed in Macomb County
7/21/15 Channel 4 News No road deal in Lansing as Michigan House prepares for break
7/21/15 WJR Frank Beckmann Interview
7/1/15 WXYZ TV Senate discusses road funding plan
June 2015
6/29/15 Macomb Blog Spot GOP Rep. Lucido emerges as junkyard dog of Lansing politics
6/26/15 Off the Record Rep. Peter Lucido on Off the Record discussing his road fixing plan
6/18/15 Lansing State Journal Lucido wants more accountability for road repair
May, 2015
5/9/15 Michigan Bar Journal Rep. Peter Lucido seeks solutions for families
5/8/15 WJR - Frank Beckmann Peter Lucido talks about his Plan Lucido to fix the roads.
5/6/15 Channel 7 Detroit Prop 1 fallout, what's next for Michigan roads?
5/6/15 Channel 7 Detroit Lawmakers propose new ideas to fix roads after failure of Proposal 1
5/6/15 CBS Detroit Voters rejected Proposal 1, So What's Plan B for Michigan Roads?
5/6/15 Free Press Michigan voters soundly reject Proposal 1 road tax plan
5/6/15 Free Press Proposal 1 Fails. What is Next?
5/5/15 MLive Eliminating statute of limitations on child molestation could be unconstitutional
April, 2015
4/30/15 WILX-TV What is Plan B for Fixing the Roads?
4/28/15 Right MI Lucido Clear on Proposal 15-1 Power Grab
4/23/15 House of Representatives Audio - House approves Rep. Lucido's resolution to save Selfridge Air Base
4/21/15 House of Representatives Audio - Rep. Peter Lucido on House resolutions on Selfridge A-10s
4/15/15 Channel 8 TV Legislator proposes adding emergency contact info to IDs
4/15/15 ABC Channel 12 New legislation will provide first responders with more emergency information for accident victims
4/14/15 House of Representatives New legislation will provide first responders with more emergency info for accident victims
4/14/15 House of Representatives Audio - Rep. Peter Lucido on emergency contact information on licenses
4/8/15 Listen Up Lansing Solution to Michigan's 'brain drain' may be co-op education programs
March, 2015
3/28/15 Ann Arbor Independent

Local governments should control drilling and fracking - HB4237

3/28/15 Advisor and Source Lucido welcomes Beacon Tree Elementary students to Lansing
3/26/15 Let It Rip - Fox 2 Detroit Let It Rip - Rep. Lucido discusses Plan B for the roads.
3/26/15 House of Representatives Rep. Lucido talks road solutions.
3/26/15 WJR Radio interview with Kathy Hoekstra on the Frank Beckmann Show
3/25/15 WLNS - Channel 6 Skubick: Lawmakers want to dip into insurance fund to fix roads
3/23/15 Fox 2 Detroit One lawmaker has come up with plan B for the roads
3/23/15 WDIV-Channel 4 Michigan state rep. wants to fix roads.
3/20/15 Advisor & Source Forums to provide insight, informational about controversial road funding proposal
3/18/15 Advisor & Source Lucido to host town halls to discuss Proposal 1
3/16/15 Advisor & Source Offers honored for lifesaving actions
3/3/15 House of Representatives Rep. Peter Lucido on oil well legislation
3/3/15 Detroit News More local control sought over Michigan oil drilling by Rep. Lucido
February, 2015  
2/25/15 YOUR Lansing Legislator Episode 1 - Rep. Lucido discusses his first month and a half in Lansing, recalls parts of the campaign experience, and discusses current bills being proposed in Lansing.
2/25/15 Source Newspaper Rep. Lucido: Townships need more control over drilling operations
2/12/15 House Representative Rep. Lucido welcomes Romeo High School students to Lansing
2/11/15 Press Release / Gallery Photo Gallery - Rep. Lucido Welcomes Romeo High School Students to Lansing
2/11/15 C and G News Bill would require students to pass civics test to graduate
2/4/15 AM 1380 WPHM State Representative proposing high school students in Michigan take the United States citizenship test
2/2/15 Press Announcement Rep. Lucido presents four Special Tributes in Shelby Township
2/1/15 Fox 2 - Let It Rip Let It Rip Segment - Rep. Lucido debates local superintendent
January, 2015  
1/28/15 WJR News Radio Interview on the Frank Beckmann Show supporting teachers and the civic test.
1/27/15 Channel 8 Wood TV Michigan lawmaker wants civics test for high school students
1/24/15 The Macomb Daily Shelby Township Rep. Lucido proposes civics test for high school grads
1/24/15 The Oakland Press Shelby Township Rep. Lucido proposes civics test for high school grads
1/23/15 Michigan Radio Lawmaker proposes citizenship test requirements for Michigan high school grads
1/23/15 Channel 7 News Michigan Representative Peter Lucido introducing bill requires seniors to pass citizenship to graduate
1/23/15 MLive.com New lawmaker wants Michigan high schoolers to pass same civics earn immigrants take
1/22/15 Press Release Rep. Lucido unveils education reform measure to require students to pass a civics test to graduate high school
1/22/15 WWJ "If we have a government by the people and for the people then we need to have the people know about our government."
1/22/15 CBS Detroit Lawmaker Wants High School Students To Pass Same Civics Test As Immigrants To Graduate
1/14/15 Tim Skubick and Channel 6 New faces, new places in Legislature
1/12/15 Advisor and Source Newspaper Lucido opens office in Lansing
December 2014  
1/29/14 Photo album Lucido is sworn into office by Justice Viviano
November 2014  
11/6/14 Press Release Thank You to the Voters of the 36th District
11/5/14 C and G News Voters decide on two state representatives, commissioners.


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